Kick-off Meeting

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KoM - Bulgaria

On the 13th and 14th of November, the partners from Bulgaria, Ireland, Cyprus, Estonia, and Turkey, participated in the Kick-off Meeting of the project, Democracy Tree, held in Sofia, Bulgaria. This initiative marks the commencement of an ambitious endeavor aimed at educating young people about democratic values through an innovative virtual journey through history.


The meeting served as a platform for the project’s partners to officially launch Democracy Tree and engage in comprehensive discussions about the anticipated outcomes and the strategic division of tasks for the next two years of implementation. The collaborative effort reflects a commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of democratic principles among the youth across Europe.


Democracy Tree is designed to guide participants on a virtual exploration of the origins and evolution of democracy. The immersive journey will traverse the historical landscape, delving into the foundations of democracy and tracing its development over time. By utilizing modern technology and educational methodologies, the project aims to captivate the interest of young learners, making the learning process engaging and impactful.


Over the course of the next two years, the project will focus on developing and implementing educational modules that provide insights into the fundamental principles that underpin democracy. Special attention will be given to illustrating how democracy forms the bedrock of European values. By leveraging digital tools and interactive content, Democracy Tree aspires to create an enriching educational experience that transcends traditional classroom boundaries.


To explore together the beginnings of democracy, its development, and concluding this journey by analysing how democracy forms the basis of European values.

Democracy Tree
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